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Virtual Photo Booth

A powerful lead capture & surveys virtual photo booth

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Virtual or Hybrid Events

Engaging and appealing for your virtual guests.

  • Virtual Launches
  • Remote Team Building
  • Hybrid Events
  • Conferences
  • Weddings
  • + More

Generate Leads

Why a Virtual Photo Booth?

Events are going digital and one of the biggest challenges of virtual events is engaging your audience. As a result, we launched a product to help your virtual event to stand out. Turn your passive audience into active participants. Therefore with a virtual photo booth, you can add a fun activity that your audience can participate in as well as encourage engagement and leads, and organically create content. Let’s do this!

No app needed

Works on any device

Being a web-based platform guests can use the virtual photo booth on any device, from anywhere. In other words, if you’re using your cellphone it will work on your default web browser and if you’re using your computer it will work on your browser. In short, you don’t have to download any software to run it, it’s super quick to start and works with your selfie or web camera.

Generate Leads

Virtual Booth backgrounds

Whether you are at home with an unattractive background or at a cafe working remotely, no worries! In addition to adding your logo, our advanced software allows guests to choose a custom backdrop image. Basically, no greenscreen is necessary because our AI technology will automatically remove the background no matter where it was taken.


Virtual Photo Booth Features

We build the online virtual photo booth experience tailored to your campaign needs

Game changer

Enhance Your Virtual Event

Create an awesome digital event with giveaways throughout the event in addition to the virtual booth to keep people engaged and entertained. We encourage you to add hype to the virtual photo booth hire in order to make it fun, engaging and appealing for your virtual guests. Basically, we do the custom branded virtual software and you embed it in the site for your guests (or staff) to have some fun and escape the hectic home office environment. In fact, we modify the online photo booth experience to include the same branding as your brand.

In the same way, after taking a photo, gif, or boomerang, users are taken to a branded microsite where they can see and share their photos on social media! Logo customisation is always included. To conclude, we’ve designed a virtual photo booth experience to be clean (it’s as clean as our contactless booth) and a simple, yet powerful platform for promoting your brand or message. Regardless of how large or small, your virtual event is let us start creating an entirely online brandable and sharable experience for your virtual event today!

Hybrid or Virtual? Let’s talk..

Interactive and immersive virtual photo booth experiences for your audience.