Store Launches


Are you a brand manager looking to launch, a business or a product? A store owner or agency seeking a game-changing event product?Innovative South African experiential marketing products! It has become so important to leaves a lasting impression on your attendees that include some kind of experiential element in the brand activation event. Building your customer loyalty, while creating brand engagements, while organically marketing and targeting social media followers all at the same time. We work live at brand activations, launches, pop-ups, festivals and all events really. Using one of our products guests can expect a captivating experience. We always include your specific branding that they will in turn share on their social media. So whether you hire our brand activation hashtag printer or our edible selfie photo booth, you’re bound to trend on social media. 

Brand Activation Product Suggestions


Shopping Mall Activations


Gold Otter Media specialises in shopping mall activations and events around South Africa. Any of our experiential marketing products will be very effective for growing online brand engagement at shopping mall food courts, markets, pop-ups, store launches and screenings. Take advantage of a large number of feet traffic by offering an incentive. We will ensure our setup is equipped to facilitate small or large crowds.

Suggested mall and pop-up activation products


Team Buildings + Year End Functions


Our corporate offerings work for team-building, year-end functions, conferences, ceremonies and more. Build lasting connections with your teams by having a trusted Gold Otter Media photo experience at your event. We create shared memories that will increase a teams spirit and grow new relationships! We have had extremely positive results with each and every event. Trusted by some of South Africa’s largest event and corporate companies. Year-end events and through the year, let us bring team smiles! If you’re looking for innovative and new corporate ideas look no further.

Corporate and End of Year Functions Ideas




Wedding planners and wedding venues feast your eyes on the best wedding entertainment you will ever see. Stressing to find unique wedding entertainment for your guests, you can trust us to make your day the most memorable! Impress your guests with a beautiful wedding keepsake of their day custom designed with your wedding theme.  Allowing guests to automatically print all their beautiful wedding day pictures. Our wedding Instagram printer will print a custom designed Polaroid-style print for keepsakes. Hire a wedding Instagram printer.

Brand Activation Product Suggestions