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Hashtag Printing

Instant prints through Instagram and Twitter posts.

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What is Hashtag Printing

We are the first and only automatic hashtag printing station that allows guests to instantly print Instagram and Twitter pictures from their mobile phones. Undoubtedly Hashtag Printing is an event product we designed to create hype at events! It works like this, attendees upload pictures to social media using the event #hashtag in order to receive free social prints. Basically, this encourages guests to boost brand engagement thus guests are (organically) creating branded content for you. This type of social sharing works great at small or large events and is particularly beneficial for brand activations and weddings.

Max Exposure

Reach Thousands

Hashtag printing Reaches thousands of users on social media by organically driving brand engagement. Attendees get unlimited free branded prints just by including the event hashtag on social media, therefore marketing the event or brand online.


Hashtag Printer Specs

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We offer unique wedding packages with everything you need to perfectly complement your wedding day. Capture the best photos for you and your loved ones to save for a lifetime.

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