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Your face on a cookie! Yebo! We create smiles and give people a reason to engage with brands on social media. Our Edible printing photobooth live prints selfies at events, who wouldn’t want to share a picture of themselves on a cookie? Our exclusive technology works like this, guests take a selfie using our supplied phones, wait a few minutes and watch their selfies print directly onto cookies.

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Extremely Shareable Content

We’re here to build your brand. Our experiential photo booth is guaranteed to increase engagment online. Let our vibrant team help your business stand out! #ItsFun

How It Works

Take a Selfie

Our energetic team will be equipped with mobile phones to take guests selfies and photos.

Edible Printing Photobooth

Our exclusive technology live prints directly onto delicious cookies so guests experience the printing process.

Maximum ROI

Great, now you’ve succeeded in basically guaranteeing that guests will share and engage online. 


Fast, High-Quality Edible Prints

Your selfies get processed through our software and hardware, which offers high-quality (edible ink) prints on foods and drinks. We are capable of instantly printing onto food products like cookies, iced coffee and marshmallows.


Eat Your Selfie - Edible Printing Photobooth

A brand new innovation by Gold Otter Media, and a truly unique event experience. Our Edible Printing Photobooth is a #GameChanger

Use this opportunity to maximise your ROI, and get amazing brand value. Add your logo to the cookie, it’s experiential marketing, to bring guests closer and leave a lasting brand impact.

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