Eat your face

Edible Photo Booth

We merged food & photo booth technology in a unique experiential way!


Your Face on A Cookie

If our edible photo booth team was set up at an event, do you think you would enjoy watching your face print onto a cookie? I know you’re saying “completely epic, food and technology combined!” In short, we deliver smiles and emotionally connect people with your brand. Attendees love watching their selfies print onto cookies.

Completely Epic, Food and Technology Combined!

Past client, Activation

Content Creation

Unique Brandable Event Experience

Create brand awareness by giving guests an event experience to remember for the rest of their lives. Completely new brand experience with many capabilities, at present, we print human selfies onto cookies but can and can also print your pet’s face!

Not to mention this event experience works great for conferences, brand activations, university and large events.

Exclusive tech

How It Works

How are we able to print guests’ faces onto cookies so quickly?


Logo Placement Is Key

Not only are we are capable of instantly printing onto food products like cookies, iced coffee and marshmallows, but also include a branding opportunity (logo) on the cookies.

Your guests will love their selfie cookies and automatically want to share a snap of them eating their faces. What’s more, the full-colour prints are of excellent quality!

Let’s get experiential!

An interactive and immersive experience for your audience.