We are still open for business and actively scheduling events for the later part of 2020 and early 2021.

Contactless Photo Booth

South Africa, and the world, has come to a halt as a result of the Coronavirus, we are anticipating lockdown to subside soon. While we always clean our photo booths there are some additional precautions we are practising, below we outline all the precautions we are implementing to ensure we do our part in keeping everyone (extra) safe.

hand spraying disinfectant

Booth Disinfecting

Our photo booths are cleaned before and after each event. Even though this was already mandatory we have implemented a more thorough cleaning procedure. Need a meticulous car wash, no problem!

hand holding phone with picture

Online Sharing

Not only, is now easier for guests to share photo booth images across digital platforms, but also guests can access their images directly from their own mobile phones.

photo booth attendant wearing mask

No Attendant? No Problem!

Our staff will be in charge of operating the booth for all guests in order to minimise any cross-contamination. However, you can rent the photo booth and use it without any touching required. Just scan the barcode with your mobile phone to start the photo booth.

hand holding qr code for contactless photo booth

Contactless Photo Booth Solutions

With these uncertain times, we have upgraded our software to include features for better hygiene. To start the photo booth session Guests simply use a barcode generated on their mobile phone. Images are automatically emailed or sent via SMS. Read more here.

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Masked Attendants

Our staff are professional and ready for your booking. All of our onsite staff will wear masks for everyone’s safety. After all, we are all here to have some fun.

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Social Distancing

It’s not only the humans that are social distancing. Our booths will be set up at least 1.5 meters away from guests to adhere to the social distancing rules. From there you can use the touch-free photo booth or your booth butler will start the photo booth.

It’s not business as usual but we are ready for the “new normal”.

How a Contactless Photo Booth Works?

COVID-19 hygiene
While we always clean our photo booths, we understand that hygiene is absolutely important. Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, we started thinking of ways to improve our services during these uncertain times.

Under those circumstances, we designed the perfect solution! A completely contactless photo booth solution for safely operating our photo booths.

It works like this
Guests, simply register their details online, just one time, to receive a barcode. Thereafter to start the photo booth sequence, the guests show their unique barcode to the booth camera and it will automatically trigger the start of photo booth photos. Additionally, the initial registration details are used to automatically email or SMS the guest’s photo booth images.

Alternatively, our staff can start the photo booth using the touch screen as normal.

Safety of our staff and guests is the number one concern. Read more on the South African Resource Portal. We’re following all industry safety guidelines to continue offering the best photo marketing and photo booth services within the events industry.

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