photo print in wedding guest book

Photo Booth Prints You Actually Want To Keep

Imagine a photo booth business being able to offer a fully bespoke design service. Well, we work closely with our clients to ensure that the photo booth prints we create are exactly what you want.

Well, it certainly would be nice if your photo booth prints matched seamlessly with your wedding or event stationery, wouldn’t they?

Custom prints show that everything at the event has been carefully planned nothing is a last-minute afterthought.

It’s a compliment all guests can appreciate, and it shows you’ve gone the extra mile.

My guess is your idea of a custom photo booth print is a boring white background with 3 photos and a hideous black logo at the bottom.

That was true, however not these days.

In fact, our personalised print sizes and designs can include your name, date, logo or any other details relevant to your event.

We have designed tons of prints. For instance, here’s my list of the best examples of popular photo booth printouts.

Personalised Photo Booth Prints


When planning a wedding, brides and grooms often spend hours looking for the perfect wedding photo booth and stationery to match their wedding theme.

A popular choice for weddings is to have the bride and groom’s name on each strip along with the date of their big day.

In a similar fashion, we understand that sometimes a simple design fits with the wedding and our standard glam booth print designs work well.

Regardless this is a lovely keepsake for guests to take away from the wedding, especially if they didn’t get round to chatting with you both on the day.

Take a look at some of these prints we created for our wedding clients.

holding two prints
Pink Wedding Print Inspo
postcard size photo booth print
Polaroid Size Print with Wedding Design
traditional wedding photo prints
Two Photo Strip Designs
guests with tongue out in photo booth photo
Left: Fun Print Design – Right: Floral Print Design

Corporate Events & Brand Activations

Obviously, if you are having a corporate event, you may want to include information such as your company logo, hashtag, sponsors, website or even a special offer!

As a matter of fact, a fun way of driving advertising engagement and branding your business is like these two print samples below:

single print and square print layouts
Top Left: Santam Activation – Right: Carl Wastie square photo booth print


Have a themed birthday party? Themed birthday parties are a great idea to have printed photos.

If you are having a Halloween party, let’s add some spooky artwork to your design. Even more, if it’s the 80s or 90s birthday bash let’s make the print design groovy.

For teenagers or kids that love movies, we can use movie posters as inspiration for their invites and other prints.

This is the fun part of your birthday party planning! Here’s an example from a 40th party:

plants birthday theme photo booth print design
40th Birthday Greenery Theme

So, What Size Should You Print Your Photos?

There are many print sizes to choose from, and a lot of the choices will depend on your end goal.

Will your photo be framed? Will it be part of a guest book? Here are 3 of our most popular print sizes:

Photo Booth Print Sizes

diagram showing different photo booth print sizes

Postcard Prints

(seen in green)
This print size has been growing in popularity as an alternative to the traditional photo booth strip. Most popular for weddings and glam photo booths.

Photo Strips

(seen in yellow)
This size is our most popular size for photo booths. Prints 2 strips per photo booth session.

Square Prints

(seen in orange)
Sometimes square is more fun. Super on-trend and can replicate a polaroid print.

Conclusion: Photo Booth Prints Are Important

In conclusion, customisation and personalisation are something we take very seriously.

Not to mention I love that we are able to offer a fully bespoke design service to you.

We’ll personally chat with you and discuss your design requirements.

For example, we request any customisation details when you place a booking, ensuring the print design is exactly what you want.

Now you know the importance of this bespoke service allowing us to create the best photo booth print designs for your event.

If the future of photo booths is an exciting thing to imagine then don’t wait for that day to come to book a photo booth.

Your guests will love having their photos taken with family, friends and loved ones, certainly you’ll love looking back at all the memories captured.

What kind of designs do you like?