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So your guests take group selfies and pictures, that’s great and then what happens to those digital photos?

Those gorgeous pictures are lost on their phones, never to be seen again!

Meet the Hashtag Printer

Your photo deserved to be tangible and that is why we have created a way to print your Instagram photos live at events.

We at Gold Otter Media offer a premium Instagram photo printer service that motivates social sharing for instant prints.

What Is a Hashtag Printer?

With the hashtag printer, you can instantly print social media pictures on the spot!

The hashtag printer is also commonly referred to as hashtag printing or sometimes an Instagram printer.

The Instagram printer can be set up and printing in seconds.

You can print via Instagram from anywhere, as long as the event hashtag is included in the comment.

How Does It Work?

Guests take a photo of your event and share it on Instagram. Moments later, a custom-designed print appears.

A Hashtag Printer Is Not the Same as A Photo Booth

Both can be fun ways to encourage people to get social, and they help you capture more photos. But how does Instagram printing differ

  • Both are fun ways to encourage people to get social
  • A boost take pictures, but they serve different purposes. The hashtag printer is not confined to a booth – it can be set up anywhere, allowing guests to print pictures from any location.

It’s an Instagram printer, which means it can literally be used anywhere in the venue as long as the user has Instagram. Guests can set their own filters and take photos from any location, so they don’t need to wait in line to get their pictures printed.

We’ve created South Africa’s first and only fully automated Hashtag Printer, a wedding Instagram photobooth printer that prints hashtagged photos automatically.

The Hashtag Printing machine instantly prints memorable mementoes for guests to take home. They simply snap photos using their phones and upload them using the wedding hashtag, and the Wedding Instagram photo booth does the rest!

Let your guests print photos from Instagram and Twitter. This will make your wedding more interactive and fun.

Hashtag printer for weddings video

Hashtag Printer for Event Planners

We recently hashtag printed photos at a wedding at the Vrede en Lust Estate. Located near Stellenbosch, the venue is an example of Cape Dutch architecture and has vineyards extending out over the horizon.

Many brides-to-be and event planners choose to hold their weddings and other events at the beautiful grounds of this historic castle.

We had the idea to use our hashtag printer to create a custom photo booth station where guests could write personalized messages on strips.

instagram printer surrounded by guests
Wedding guests writing on their Instagram prints
photos tied together with string
The final print and handwritten messages

How to Use Social Media for Event Marketing

There has been a trend toward big-name events putting out hashtags that everyone at the event can use to be featured on social media. For example, if you go to a concert, you may see signs all over the venue directing you to use a designated hashtag so that your picture can be posted on the event’s Twitter or Instagram page.

This is a great way for the event organizers to get their names out there and gain exposure. It also means that they don’t need to hire people just to post photos from their event on social media—it’s all done by attendees!

Instagram hashtag printers are a great way for an event organizer to add another layer of engagement with their audience. Instead of just posting pictures from an event on social media, you can also print out pictures tagged at your event and display them for everyone attending to see. This gives people an incentive to take pictures at your event and tag them appropriately so that they can be printed out later. It also helps grow your attendance numbers by encouraging people who see the hashtag printer but don’t know about the event.

3 Nifty Considerations when Searching for A Hashtag Printer

1. Display Your Wedding Photographs For Guests

Guests can stop by anytime during the wedding to pick up their prints, and we love displaying all the photos on an easy-to-navigate retro string display.

2. Double Prints & Guest Book

Ask our staff about the double-print option — a copy of your guest book for the newlyweds and one for the guests. Our staff can be at your wedding to assist, making sure that each guest has a chance to sign the guest book and write a personal message to the happy couple.

3. Insta-worthy Hashtag Printer

Guests nowadays love to use Instagram at weddings. The most fun and interactive entertainment you can have on your wedding day, plus designed to look classy and wow your guests.


In the end, what your guests really want is to bring home physical memories of your event. While they may want to share those memories on social media, what’s more, important is that they can bring that memory home and cherish it forever. There are a number of other ways you can use this photo printing service. It’s a great way to enhance a wedding or a corporate function, and there’s no reason why you can’t print photos at your party. Most attendees will never get that chance so seize the opportunity and make live printing a part of your next event!

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