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Unique Brand Activation Ideas For Your University Open Day

It’s Open Day! Potential students are coming to your university open day.

Though planning an open day is no easy task and can be stressful but the rewards are worth it!

Make your event stand out from the many others that prospective students attend, and you will ensure that you maximize your return from those crucial events.

You know how important it is to showcase what makes your university unique, and you want to think about how you can attract lots of students to come and engage with the University.

This is the best time for your brand to attract new students because students are at this stage of their lives when they decide to enrol for a course.

In this article, you’ll find out what is an open day and why it’s important, how social media can help you share information about it and how you can promote it.

What’s so Important About a University Open Day?

What is An Open Day?

During an open day, you’ll usually get a tour of the campus and facilities, and have the chance to ask questions about the course and university life.

Most importantly talk to current staff and students, get a feel for the place as a whole, and ask any questions you might have

Caption: Watch how CPUT open day is a success

How Do I Maximise an Open Day?

Creating an Event that Is Memorable, Effective and Unique Is a Priority for All Institutions.

A good way to maximize the effectiveness of open days is to create an experience for students that will make them more likely to remember their time with the university in a positive way.

Our products offer a great way to encourage students to snap and share photos, thus creating powerful connections among your students and leveraging student social following.

In the photo below you can see students excited about finding their selfies on cookies.

students waiting for their cookies
Selfie Cookies

Why Most Brand Activations Don’t Win

Most brand activations don’t win because they’re not fun.

The goal should be for people to remember your university, so make it memorable with something exciting and engaging for attendees!

The personal interaction aspect of this has always been done through open days and campus tours but there has been a lack of innovation in achieving this goal

One of these challenges is the pressure of demonstrating value for money and the growing importance of the student experience.

More than ever before, universities are looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors, by offering a genuinely unique brand experience through personal interaction with prospective students.

Case Study: CPUT Open Day

With our experiential products, we printed 400 selfie cookies, our hashtag printed reached over 32,000 unique users on social media by printing over 245 Instagram posts and our Gif Booth having over 180 photo booth videos captured and shared online. 

Harnessing the power of brand experience for potential future learners. Read below for how you can utilise this brand activation vision.

As part of improving the open day and brand experience, Gold Otter Media activated an Instagram printer, green screen photo booth and amasing selfie cookies throughout the day….

Kwanele Butana – CPUT Open Day

How To Throw a University Open Day

Gold Otter Media had so much fun at the thousands of attendees who turned out for the university open day at CPUT, Bellville Campus. Gold Otter Media facilitated the brand activations conceptualizing

Since this was a university open day, we made sure to maximise brand engagement and ultimately achieve greater brand awareness.

On the open day, we made sure that our staff motivates and engages with the rush and crowds, and our machines worked at full steam.

Conclusion: Brand Activation Ideas “How To Throw a University Open Day”

Your goal should be to leave a lasting impression on the attendees. To do that, we maximised brand engagement and keep thousands of attendees entertained and engaged

Give something back to your customers, but it must serve as a fun souvenir that they can take home with them, making it more memorable and increasing the chances that they will talk about it with their friends and family members.

Student generated social content is free and easy and it offers plenty of additional benefits, such as:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Provides powerful student-created content for schools and universities for free
  • Organically reach everyone online sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
  • Builds awareness of the institution among students, staff and parents
  • It increases traffic to the school’s site or social media channels
  • Boosts morale

If your promotion is awesome enough, they should have no problem sharing photos of it online as well, which will help spread the word even further.

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