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14 Unique Wedding Photo Booth Backdrops Your Guests Will Enjoy

Arches are one of the most popular photo booth backdrops for wedding pics ideas. They create a beautiful photo booth opportunity for newlyweds and make for a striking focal point.

Thankfully, creating a flawless arch for your wedding is easier than you think!

Wedding arches can range from simple and elegant to ornate and glamorous, so it’s important to choose an idea that matches your reception décor.

You can mix different colours and sizes of arches to add dimension to your backdrop or keep things simple with one large arch.

I’m sure you’re used to seeing people post photos on Facebook or Instagram of their wedding photo booth. There are few wedding items that get people more excited than a photo booth.

In addition, it’s no secret that guests love the ability to take photos of themselves. Certainly, a fun experience and is a great opportunity to add another element to your wedding day.

No matter what style you choose, these DIY arches work well in any colour scheme!

1. Upcycled Triangles

I mean, who doesn’t love repurposed wood and geometric décor? Upcycle wood slabs into a cool DIY photo booth backdrop using various-sized triangles combined together to create the backdrop of your dreams.

You can easily recreate this wedding backdrop yourself with a few wood slabs and some paint. The wood slabs should be of various sizes, otherwise, they’ll look flat and boring. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to paint your wood slabs they could be stained a light colour or even left natural.

To create a beachy feel, paint the largest wood slab a deep blue colour.

2. Faux Green Wall

fake greenery with neon light
Credit: Gold Otter Media

Incorporate greenery into your wedding photo booth backdrops. This is a great idea if your venue has little greenery, or if you want to give your guests some lush vibes.

Faux green panels are like blocks that you stack to create a custom size and shape. They’re great for creating a unique design and adding a pop of colour to your wedding photo booth background.

Add a neon sign with your favourite motto for the top wedding photo booth.

As a matter of fact, you can buy a custom neon sign with your and your partner’s name or a cheeky sentence that will make people smile.

All things considered, this will not only add an extra touch of elegance but also be perfect for the top wedding photo booth shot of course. Place the light behind and above the couple, for instance.

3. Plant Wall (real ferns)

real leafs on green wall
Credit: Pinterest

If you love the idea of a botanical theme for your wedding, don’t do faux, hire a grid wall and loop the ferns and leaves.

All other photo booth backdrops pale in comparison. Creating an Instagrammable moment at your wedding venue. Looks great when styled with other natural elements such as greenery garlands and ferns, adding a pop of colour to any space.

But if neon signs don’t interest you have wooden cut out made instead.

4. Boho Styling Macramé

macramé string pattern hanging on frame
Credit: Artesense

One of the hottest trends we’ve seen in weddings this past year is the use of macramé. If it works perfectly as a backdrop for your pics then it will work especially well with a floral arrangement on the bottom of it.

It also works great as a wall hanging to bring a little boho chic to your wedding!

You can hire them pre-made, or you can do it yourself. Here’s an easy tutorial on how to make your own DIY macramé wedding backdrop.

5. Wood Slats

photo booth pointing at wood crates
Credit: Gold Otter Media

This is a great indoor or outdoor wedding backdrop idea. It’s fun, it’s easy, and you can use old wood to save money.

You get a lot of flexibility. That is because you can set up your wooden crates however you want. As a result, you can make a square, rectangle or even make a hexagon.

What I love about this idea is that there are so many different ways to decorate your crates.

For the setup, I recommend having it near a focal point in your wedding venue so that everyone’s eyes are drawn toward it!

It could be even be used for so many things like a photo booth backdrop, as decoration behind the cake table or as a feature wall behind the head table at your reception or even as your ceremony backdrop to name a few.

6. The Sunset

Credit: Gold Otter Media

The sunset is a spectacular photo booth backdrop to your wedding photographs and a golden glimmer to your evening wedding photo booth prints.

There are many spots in Franschhoek where you can view the sunset and mountains and snap some picturesque photos of your special day.

Some venues and properties in Franschhoek have perfect vantage points, including Monneaux Restaurant, Moreson, Grande Provence, Rickety Bridge and Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa.

7. Book Backdrop

Credit: One Fab Day

You don’t have to be a bookworm to love this idea. A pile of vintage books never gets read, making them the perfect addition to your decor. You can stack them up or lean them against a wall — just don’t throw them out!

Layer open books on a board to make this great backdrop idea. Great idea for book lovers.

If you need to make the pages look more antique check out this useful tutorial for ageing paper.

8. Giant Hoop Frame

Credit: Hub Pages

You need to check out this giant hoop. Certainly perfect for your wedding, bridal shower and baby shower photo booth backdrop!

A giant hoop makes a great photo op. Add floral to this hoop to make it warm and inviting. Layer a backdrop behind and you have a perfectly trendy backdrop. It’s a great way to dress up your photos!

You can make one of these photo props in just a few minutes, and it is bound to be the star of the party.

Here’s how to make this photo booth backdrop out of PVC pipe in 4 steps.

9. Supported Selfie Frame

Credit: Pinterest

If you’re having a small wedding in a field, you could prop it up against a tree for a beautiful backdrop. Surprisingly easy to move this selfie frame around to suit the size of your wedding.

Layer with pampas or plants for a continued wedding theme.

This is such a simple idea but really effective. Furthermore, give your guests a selection of props and let them have fun taking photos. Works great with our photo booth.

10. Security Gate Upcycle

Can you believe, that photo booth backdrop ideas come in many shapes and sizes like this old security gate.

This is a great way to recycle and reuse old burglar bars for a wedding.

We all have them in our South African homes or know someone that does, which means it’s easy to get these second-hand gates of Marketplace.

You going to have to stick or weld feet to the bottom to make it stand up straight. Add florals and you are good to go.

11. Silk Faux Flower

Credit: Moi

I love this flower wall! Not only was it a great purchase price wise but it was gorgeous in person.

Each faux flower is made of high-quality silk. Without a doubt looks real but is a fraction of the price of a real flower wall.

12. Classic Photo Booth

A photo booth is the best wedding favour to say thank you to your wedding guests. It’s a way to keep them entertained and give them something fun to do throughout your reception.

Choose the classic curtain photo booth or an open-air booth. Generally doesn’t matter what style you opt for as long as it fits your wedding day theme.

13. Copper Arch

Credit: Pinterest

Copper pipe is perfect for making your own archway. Especially for an outdoor wedding, a rustic or country theme. It’s light enough to transport and set up, and it’s simple to cut and shape.

You can decorate the arch with wildflowers, tulle or other lightweight decorations.

This can be used at the entrance of your wedding or as photo booth backdrops.

This is a very simple project and if you have the right tools, you can get it done in about an hour. In other words, this is the most effective and easiest wedding photo booth backdrop design.

Start with measuring how big you want your arch.

Ready to start? Watch this extremely easy to follow video on how to make a DIY copper pipe arch for under R600.

14. Mix and Match Arch

Mix different colours and sizes of arches together to create a unique colour palette, with lots of texture and dimension

Our favourite colour combinations are white on white, blush on blush, cream on cream and gold on gold (for a little bit more sparkle!)

This style works well in any colour — it’s all about the pattern you create.

They create a beautiful photo opportunity for newlyweds and make for a striking focal point.

Conclusion: A List of Wedding Photo Booth Backdrops and Ideas

So, there you have it, certainly a list of 14 wedding arches of total inspiration.

When choosing an arch for your wedding, you’re going to want the best for your big day.

It is possible to purchase premade arches for an affordable price. Evidently, it’s way more fun making your own!

Furthermore, it’s very important that you consider how the arch will blend in with your wedding reception and overall decor.

Many couples will forego expensive photo booth backdrops and opt instead for a DIY arch project so that they can get exactly what they want!

Please make sure to hire a photo booth that will complement your arch design and wedding theme. Coordinate print design details to continue your wedding theme into the printed pictures.

We hope this article has proven useful, and now you know how to make many arches that will truly impress you.