6 Reason to Love Micro Weddings

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One thing for sure with the rise of micro wedding trends there is less pressure to invite your extended cousin Josh and Lorraine, from up north, who you haven’t seen or spoken to in 10 years!

Firstly, what is a micro wedding?

A micro wedding is a small and romantic affair. Still traditional as larger weddings but on a more intimate scale.


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If you need some convincing:

6 reasons why choosing a micro wedding might just be the perfect fit

  1. Easier to keep sight of your budget and with fewer guests you can splash out on other things
  2. It can be a relaxed atmosphere that you can even make a full weekend event
  3. Less pressure means more time to chat and feel more connected to your wedding guests
  4. Discounted venues and overall wedding expenses
  5. More time to spend in the photo booth perfecting those poses
  6. Easier to save towards your honeymoon


After reading these reasons to love a micro wedding but still feel bad that you can’t invite Josh and Lorraine from up north, who aren’t on the guest list. There are ways to pivot from your original 200 person wedding to a micro wedding.


wedding guests dancing in tent at a micro wedding


Let everyone feel a part of the day by live-streaming the ceremony for family and friends who aren’t attending. As well as incorporate our in-person wedding photo booth and a virtual photo booth for the loved ones at home.

Maybe curate a beautiful themed gift box with an online playlist, and the link to the live stream and virtual photo booth.

Remember your micro wedding is going to be intimate and wildly romantic and you get to splurge on special details that will mean a lot to you.

Let’s talk if you’re ready to start planning your dream wedding and looking for added in-person or virtual wedding entertainment.

a micro wedding guests talking in cape town

Photos by Jonathan-Borba, Mitchell Orr – Unsplash & Gold Otter Media

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