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This season families are cramming their cars and travelling to drive-by events or taking a trip down memory lane to watch big-screen movies. Now, our car photo booth concept has launched! It’s new and we’re excited to share why we came up with this concept. 

Therefore with this increasing popularity of drive-by celebrations and drive-in movie experiences and especially during challenging times, it’s our job to bring folks together! Recently we dusted off our green screens and formatted our photo booths for an incredible contactless drive-in photo booth experience like no other, from the comfort of a car!

How? Well, cars drive into a photo booth area and guests roll down their windows (or hang out the window) and smile! The entire process is touch-free and images are shared directly to guests phones. From a design perspective we have of course added the Gold Otter Media touch with a custom green screen effect animation for added entertainment.

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Why Hire Touch-Free Options?

  • Improved hygiene
  • Better customer experience
  • Reduce/remove waiting in a queue
  • Collect user data (contactless)


Huh, a Contactless Car Photo Booth?

Once you grasp our ‘contactless’ concept you will realise it’s rather genius. In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss exactly how our car photo booth concept works and why it is a game-changer. 

Set up the contactless options to allow guests to experience a photo booth without having to touch the photo booth. A hygienic touch-free car photo booth captures and shares photos, burst and GIFs without any staff (or attendees) having to touch the photo booth. Guests use a unique barcode generated on their phone to control the photo booth and receive photo booth photos automatically. Above all this is a fast and safe way for guests to interact and share photo booth images.

Read about our safety measures during COVID-19 here

In conclusion, there are many ways we can incorporate traditional pop-up elements while still keeping it safe. Our social distanced drive-in photo booth concept will create an incredible buzz.

We’re following all the industry safety guidelines to offer our clients photo activations with uber reduced risks. 

Get in touch with us today to hire this drive-in photo booth.

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