GOOD Vibes at GoodWoodstock Launch

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A business that works towards ‘doing good’ through business. GoodWoodstock situated in The Ironworks Building in Woodstock, is a conscious business space, made up of GOODWork, GOODFood, GOODBalance and the GOODStore.

The eve comprised of tours of the GOODWork and GOODBalance area along with some acoustic music by Aston Wylie and a vinyl set by RoastinRecords. Sneaker Lab had a pop-up sneaker cleaning station and there was even a Wes Von Blok pop up tattoo shop. Near the entrance, our night in shining armour stood tall, ready to initiate the GIF photo booth sequence. Our GIF photo booth inspired attendees to create animations that were processed through our software to create shareable branded GIFs.

Overall we experienced the modern building layout and theme throughout is truly balanced. The ‘GOOD’ brand strives to think of the environment and the impact on people and communities.

“GOOD as a company exists to build spaces that enable business, society and the environment to sustainably co-exist, and to redefine “sustainability” as the complete overhaul of the way we produce, consume and create. We consist of: GOODWork (Coworking) GOODFood (Food & Beverage) GOODBalance (Health & Wellness) GOODStore (Retail)’” – Excerpt: Website

Get ready for a new food scene, Cape Town. On June 7, the GOODFood will officially open its
doors. This unique food hall will offer locals a stylishly-designed dining experience serving up a selection of breakfast, lunch, dinner and after-work drinks in the heart of Woodstock.
It will feature a GOODBar, GOODCoffee, and a minimally designed GOODFood venue which allows visitors to savour everything from confectionaries and breakfast bowls to vegan curries.
GOODFood will be more than a food market, it is expected to be a hub of all things foodie, bringing together amazing vendors for the first time. And for Cape Town’s environmentally conscious, it will include a zero-waste grocery store. – Excerpt:

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    • I was recommended Gold Otter media by my cousin who had an event with you in Cape Town. How much do you charge to hire a photo booth? You’re amazing! Thank you!

    • Hello there, I found үour ԝebsite on Google wһilst looking for a photobooth, it ⅼooks goοd. I have emailed you regarding an event. Cheeгs!

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