Experiential Marketing – 5 Ideas that will Electrify your Event

Although we love the term experiential, let’s begin by saying experiential marketing is just a fancy alternative of saying promotional marketing. Live events, special promotions along with brand experiences have been a component of the marketing sector since the beginning, however, the new generation of technology-driven millennials have excelled the excitement for experiential marketing. Brands understand the potential of experiential marketing and are spending a considerable chunk of their budget to ensure they have a live experience at their event.

Experiential marketing has a proven record to boost event and brand ROI and is a crucial strategy for marketing executives, so we’ve compiled a list of 5 experiential ideas for the South Africa market. Here’s how you can increase your event ROI and create a lasting impression.

Snow globe GIF photo booth

1. Themed GIF Photo Booth

Whether it’s summer, autumn, indoors or outdoors there is always space for a GIF photo booth. 2019 has been said to be the year of the GIF, see the power and potential of video marketing on social media. Contact an expert to create a unique branded GIF photo booth like no other. Here’s an idea that is just in time for winter! We created an animated GIF Snow Globe.
Advice Take your event to the next level and attract guests with something they will not be able to resist to share. Remember everything must be shareable on social media and email. That’s priceless branded marketing content organically placed on social media.

man in photobooth

2. 3D Instagram Photo Booth

Our latest 3D Instagram Photo Booth is perfect if you are looking for an original experience. It doesn’t take up much space and can be set up for GIFs and prints which can then be shared on social media or to email. With our green screen experimenting, we’re trying to push boundaries. We designed a static digital Instagram frame that was set up with our GIF booth, and together with our green screen software, we merged them in real time.
Advice Produce some amazing content and choose a bold colour background

Event Photos Display

3. Display Event Photos

Imagine you’re at an event and you catch a glimpse of something interesting, It’s bright and you have to go look! Passers-by are guaranteed to check out the photo display, which will then ignite a conversation. Now it’s totally up to your imagination and campaign theme as to how you would like to display the social pictures. Setup a dedicated area for all the wonderful event photos printed. This is great if your event is in a public space where people pass by, in addition to displaying photos, take it a step further and host a photo contest or even a dance contest, best trick or best dressed, as you can see the possibilities for contests are endless.
Advice You can offer amazing prizes to a winner, you might even be able to get the prize for free from a local business.

Edible Printing selfie photobooth Experiential Marketing idea4. Push Experiential Marketing Boundaries

Gold Otter Media offers a truly unrivalled event experience, Edible Printing Photobooth! Allowing guests to literally watch (in awe) as their selfies live print (using edible inks) directly onto cookies and edible foodies. Much like a photo booth, this is a selfie photo booth that uses our exclusive printing technology. Here’s a quick run-through as to how the service works: 1] We capture a selfie 2] Our exclusive technology processes the selfies to live print to cookies 3] Guests automatically want to share their selfie experience and a pic of their (branded) selfie cookies on social media. Thus generating powerful organic marketing for the brand and/or event.
Advice In this age selfies always win and pairing that with food is a different experiential event experience, it’s bound to create a buzz.

the hashtag printer machine5. Hire a Hashtag Printer

At any event or campaign, you need something to amplify your social presence, a service like no other, Hashtag Printing allows guests to immediately print Instagram and Twitter pictures live at your event. The hashtag print station encourages attendees to engage with brands on social media in order to receive free instant prints. Hashtag Printing is a key element service essentially facilitating the reach of thousands of users while building robust brand loyalty.
Advice Opt for a company that offers Hashtag Printing with automatic printing, that means no screens to select a picture as this causes long queues (like a photo booth).

Go on, let us help you disrupt the experiential event sector with tech and creativity solutions that leave a lasting brand impression. Experiential marketing that connects brands and people, while leaving a lasting brand impact…Isn’t that the outcome everyone is reaching for?

Gold Otter Media offers the South African market truly innovative experiential products designed for brands, agencies & weddings, 

Experiential marketing is also referred to as engagement marketing, participation marketing, live marketing or it can be grouped as event marketing. Its direct engagement with consumers and currently the most proven way to boost event and brand ROI and creatively facilitate interaction with attendees.  Whatever the format may be, experiential marketing has is a crucial strategy for marketing executives. 

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